A scene of people with various disabilities gathered around a blue lake, enjoying their home, community, the out-of-doors, health, recreation, housing, transportation and education with an accessible path for them to a high mountain and large yellow sun on the horizon.  New Horizons Un-Limited Inc.

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We invite you to volunteer your time and talents in support of your disability community. We are seeking volunteers both locally from the Greater Milwaukee area and from throughout the United States.

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We are seeking volunteers for a variety of tasks. Which opportunity fits your interests? To find out more about each opportunity, click on the links below.

If you live in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area...

You can volunteer at our office. You can help once or volunteer on a weekly basis. Whatever your preference, we will find a mutually beneficial way in which we may work together.

If you can only volunteer for us on the Internet,...

We invite you in our common objective to share ideas and solutions so that all of our lives may be improved! Sharing your time and talents with New Horizons Un-Limited (NHU) can strengthen our ability to realize our vision of a community in which people with disabilities, have equal access to life opportunities.

Here are a variety of ways volunteers can help us reach others with disabilities with solutions, ideas and resources.