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Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association is committed to enhancing the opportunities for people with cerebral palsy or a related neurological condition to participate in the sport or leisure activity of their choosing. Organizations from various countries of the world are members of this organization. Members receive all magazines, bulletins and relevant information distributed by the Association.


Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association (CCPSA) is an athlete focused national organization administering and governing sport opportunities targeted to athletes with Cerebral Palsy and related disabilities. CCPSA and its provincial partners cooperate as a proactive force to facilitate the development of equitable and fair sporting opportunities for our athletes. Athlete members of CCPSA will have access to and be encouraged to participate in quality sporting activities for the development of athletic potential. CCPSA will operate in harmony with their provincial associations and other partners, advocating sport development, athlete recruitment and talent identification. CCPSA is a volunteer driven organization. For more information, contact the Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association, 305-1376 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7Y3, Phone: (613) 748-1430 or FAX: (613) 748-1355 or send e-mail to: ccpsa@bellnet.ca.

Ontario Cerebral Palsy Sports Association was founded in 1987 and today has members in every state and territory. It has a classification system specifically for athletes with Cerebral Palsy and offers a competitive sports programme which includes many Paralympic Sports. Offering a range of activities in sport and recreation, as well as training in both classification and coaching, CPASRF strives to ensure that opportunities for athletes with Cerebral Palsy are both safeguarded and increased, particularly for women and those with a severe disability. Working through its State and Territory Members, CPASRF offers:

Please contact CPASRF, if you require help and advice by sending e-mail to: cpasrf@gil.com.au

SportAbility, Cerebral Palsy Sports Association of British Columbia is committed to providing recreation and sport opportunities for athletes with disabilities. For more information, contact SportAbility at 6225A 136th St., Surrey, British Columbia V3X 1H3, Canada or Phone: (604) 599-5240, FAX: (604) 599-5241, Toll Free 1-877-711-3111 or send e-mail to sportinfo@telus.net

United Kingdom

CP Sport England and Wales is the sports organization for people with cerebral palsy, providing sporting opportunities to individuals of all ages and at all levels from the recreational right through to paralympic competition. It is also an advisory agency for disability sport issues and is recognised and respected within the international arena. It was a founder member of the British Paralympic Association and is also a member of CP ISRA, the international sports organization for people with cerebral palsy, which in turn was a founder member of the International Paralympic Committee. The sports, which the organization offers include Athletics, Boccia, Bowls, Cycling, Football, Power-lifting, Swimming and Table Tennis.

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