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New Horizons Un-Limited - 2013 - This Year Make a Plan to Get Away and Visit the Great Outdoors!


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Has enjoying outdoor activities become a thing of the past due to a disability or a family member with a disability?
Have you been unable to take or have you avoided taking a vacation away from home because of the accessibility barriers of recreation facilities?

This Year Make a Plan to Get Away and Visit the Great Outdoors!

Being able to respite in an outdoor experience helps individuals and families to become reinvigorated with new energy and helps us feel more alive, free and happy.
While sharing the experience and adventure of an outdoor activity, family members can bond in ways that may be more difficult otherwise.
In addition, it is well documented scientifically that nature offers us excellent therapy from life’s stresses.

There are low cost options available for enjoying the outdoors, camping, cabins or retreats for people with physical disabilities who require accessible accommodations. Make reservations early; accessible campsites and accommodations fill up fast. This season plan to enjoy the outdoors with your family once again!

The Wisconsin State Parks offer 7 accessible campground cabins with full amenities and 2 rustic cabins at various park locations.
For information, fees, and reservations, visit the Wisconsin DNR at http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/parks/camping/cabin.html

Welcome H.O.M.E., an accessible bed and breakfast near Newburg, Wisconsin, offers an accessible retreat to prairie and wood land
within easy access to Riveredge Nature Center. In addition, Welcome H.O.M.E. is an accessible home modification demonstration.
Visit the Welcome H.O.M.E. website at www.welcomehomebb.com/index.php

For more information on accessible outdoor opportunities, visit our website:

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