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Disability Press Releases: 2016

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Report on the Prevention of Disabilities


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New Horizons Un-Limited - Report on the Prevention of Disabilities

Given the rise in the past decade of lifelong, incurable, Developmental Disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders and Cerebral Palsy, and the great cost and devastation to our children, families, and society, as a nation and part of the global community, we know we must broaden research to find the causes to prevent them. NHU is committed to advocate for definitive data collection for research to find the causes of Developmental Disabilities, for the purpose of prevention.

Every year 127,000 more children and their families are impacted in the U.S. Each year, 75 to 120 billion dollars is transferred to our future national debt.

If disability has not happened to you or your family, with these odds, disability can very well happen to your children or grandchildren, your nieces or your nephews. With these numbers can we afford to delay!

We must care enough and work NOW to ensure a bright future for all of us.

Unfortunately we do not yet know the definitive causes for these disabilities, and yet there is much we do know about risk factors and that a significant percent of these disabilities may be preventable. Data about birth is difficult to obtain, however, if data is not collected, any statements regarding cause of disability is opinion or guess and not research based science.

We have been writing the Departments of Health and Human Services, the National Center for Health Statistics, including the Centers for Disease Control and their health association partners to take action, in accordance with medical research needs, to update the collection of data before, during and after birth on the U.S. Standard Certificate of Live Birth, to identify ways to prevent these disabilities.

This is a first step call for action for better measures and greater coordination of data and data sources across agencies and levels of government to strengthen existing data systems and guide the formulation of more strategic, responsive and effective policies, research, programs, and interventions. Prevention of disability without first scientifically, accurately and efficiently collecting data will be impossible for this and unknown future lifetimes.

In addition, NHU is taking steps to make all of us more aware of our role in protecting the unborn from risks of disability, to advocate for more awareness, and train for more education for a quality standard of health and care for parents and newborns, to ensure at the very minimum, a safe entrance to life for each and every child born, allowing that during their lifetime, each child may realize their maximum potential without unnecessary devastating limitations from disabilities.

We urge you to visit our Report on the Prevention of Disability or visit our Prevention of Disability on our NHU blog.

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