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New Horizons Un-Limited - Access Information Initiative:
Launches New Caregivers Topic on Website


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New Horizons Un-Limited: Access Information Initiative

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Launches New Caregivers Topic on Website

New Horizons Un-Limited is founded on the principle of our community members impacted by disability sharing information. Through our website on the Internet, our information resources and NHU Community Forum, people impacted by disability, their families and caregivers communicate with one another, share ideas and solutions, to conquer the problems they have been facing, too often alone, for many decades.

As we offer our programs to people with disabilities, we have met many caregivers. They have contributed to New Horizons Un-Limited with their time, energy and have shared their insight in caring for people with disabilities. This past year we have developed our new free resource to provide a comprehensive online support for individuals caring for a loved one with a disability.

When we are faced with life circumstances for which we need assistance, we turn to our support group: our family, friends, neighbors and community. As we reach out to these members of our community for assistance, advice, and ideas, we share information that we and others have used to solve similar problems.

NHU brings together information, resources, perspectives, experiences, for the family member; parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, friend or neighbor, or anyone who has taken the challenge to care for their loved one with a disability. These unpaid caregivers can be full time or part time, and can live with the person being cared for or live separately. The Family Caregiver Alliance estimates 29.2 million family caregivers provide personal assistance to adults (aged 18+) with a disability or chronic illness.

Our NHU new online caregiver resource offers help to those with the responsibility of caring for a loved one with a disability with information and resources on adaptive products, home care, meal planning and nutrition, and safety. Visit our website and our Caregivers topic.

Caregiving can result in time, energy, emotional, health and financial burdens for the caregiver. Our Guide for Caregivers of People with Disabilities offers information on what it takes to be a caregiver, tips on how to be a good caregiver and offers a survival guide for taking care of you! Visit this Caregiver Guide at the link above.

Our Caregivers section will continue to grow as we further develop resources and articles on specific in-depth solutions for issues facing caregivers such as home safety and resources in one’s own community.

If you know of a person who is a caring for someone with a a disability who could benefit from our guide, please contact us.
Send e-mail to horizons@new-horizons.org

Visit www.new-horizons.org

Visit the Caregivers section of our New Horizons Un-Limited website to learn more about caring for an individual with a disability.

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If you have questions or ideas, information and solutions that you would like to share with us, contact us by e-mail at: horizons@new-horizons.org or to use our NHU E-Mail Form or NHU Community Forum, click the links below.

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