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Press Releases: 2012

New Horizons Un-Limited - Improving Work Skills - Employment skills training


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New Horizons Un-Limited - Improving Work Skills - Employment skills training

We have recently further developed our partnership with Adonai Employment, a local disability service agency, to provide people with disabilities hands on training and experience in Office Administration and Information Technology. Candidates are referred via the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation’s (DVR) Temporary Work Experience program for 6-12 week internships with NHU. Each individual candidate has previously obtained an Associate Degree, but needs practical experience to be a viable job candidate.

Those who participate in our Office Skills Training Program receive one-on-one instruction and experience in office procedures, data entry, research, writing and the Microsoft Office suite. Those in our Information Technology Training Program receive guidance and experience in hardware and software troubleshooting and repair. Each individual has finished with a great sense of accomplishment and confidence to pursue their career.


Here are just a few of these individuals’ personal stories:

Mary seated       Mary – Improving computer skills in pursuit of a degree

Mary has been working with DVR in pursuit of a degree in Human Services. During her schooling she had recognized a need to improve her computer skills. To better prepare for the approaching school semester, this past summer Mary joined us for 6 weeks of training and volunteer work. She primarily assisted with data entry and database maintenance to enhance her typing and software skills. Mary also received one-on-one instruction with our computer skills trainer to review her specific computer related questions. Upon conclusion of her temporary work experience, Mary felt more confident with the computer and expressed an interest to return for additional training during her next school break.

Randy seated in his wheelchair at computer work bench       Randy – Broadening his IT knowledge base for employment

Having worked in manufacturing for many years, Randy had recently become concerned about his long-term job security. In response, he worked towards earning an Associate Degree in Applied Science – Computer Electronic Engineering Technology. Randy earned his degree in 2010, but didn’t find an employment opportunity in his new field. Upon starting with Adonai Employment, Randy expressed an interest in returning to computer-related work. While volunteering at NHU, Randy was able to evaluate his skill set and determine which direction he wanted to move within the field of Information Technology. Working with several of our NHU lead technicians for one-on-one guidance and much needed hands on hardware and software configuration experience, when Randy’s temporary work experience ended, he was so thrilled with the progress he had made, he made a decision and hopes to continue to work with our technicians in building a broader IT knowledge base.


Sean seated at computer work bench       Sean – Earning his Temporary Work Experience (TWE) for employment

After more than a decade of working in a mail room and/or warehouse setting, Sean decided to go back to school! He earned his Associate Degree in Computer User Support in May 2012. Adonai Employment recognized Sean’s ambition and quickly contacted us to set up a 6-week Temporary Work Experience (TWE) so that he could gain computer-related experience for his resume. After just several days into his TWE, it was clear that Sean chose the right career path. While we paired him with a technician to review our refurbishing procedures, he was off and running the next day without need of further guidance. After just three weeks, Sean has added tremendously to our refurbishing program, created a refurbishers’ work blog and further developed our MAC refurbishing program. We are very excited to see where this experience will take him. We look forward to working with Adonai to ensure a suitable permanent job placement for Sean.


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