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Press Releases: 2014

New Horizons Un-Limited - 2014 - Commitment to New Opportunities! New Hope! New Horizons!

NHU's Employment Skills Training Program


For more information, contact:
New Horizons Un-Limited
P.O. Box 510034
Milwaukee, WI 53203
Phone: (414) 299-0124

New Horizons Un-Limited - 2014 - Commitment to New Opportunities, New Hope, New Horizons!

NHU's Employment Skills Training Program

Each of us hopes for an opportunity in life, a tool like a computer to better one’s self, a job or a meaningful way to contribute to society and a chance to live a life of independence, experiences and achievement. At NHU we offer programs of opportunity and the tools to learn new skills and new ways to contribute to our communities through our Employment Skills Training Program. NHU has made a commitment to our members with disabilities to offer the opportunity to invest in themselves and find the next rung on their ladder through life.

This past spring we had students come to us for temporary work experience and skills training in Office Administration and Information Technology through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation via our collaboration with Adonai Employment. We want to introduce you to a couple of hardworking, capable people. They have been an asset to our program, completing over 250 hours of employment skills training and job experience.

Emily – is outgoing and personable, has experience in reception, office administration, all Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator and Photo Shop programs and Computer Trouble shooting.

She became skilled in database design and showed us she is excellent at data entry, illustration layout and writing.

Emily learns quickly, is efficient, accurate, and quite versatile and knowledgeable with all office software.


Paul - has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, studies in Electrical Engineering and experience in quality control.

He has computer technology experience in various software and Visual C++.

Paul showed us he is a hard working individual with good organizational skills. 

He is quite knowledgeable in IT, good at problem solving and able to apply new technologies to computer repair.


Is your company in need of hardworking, innovative self starters?

Consider filling your needs in office administration or IT with an internship or 6 month trial employment period.

Contact us if you have an opportunity for these candidates.

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