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New Horizons Un-Limited - Bridging the Technology Gap!


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New Horizons Un-Limited - Bridging the Technology Gap!

It is easy for any one of us to assume that every one of us can get to where we need to go, or use a computer or a phone to access the Internet, our bank, doctor, job, or fill out necessary forms on-line. Our world has become sometimes easier to manage, through the use of technology, but it also moves at a faster pace. Any service, whether it is a business, education or a program has become less personal, less face to face, and more automated. It is easy to assume what is easy for some of us to use to function in our world would be the same for each and every one of us. Unfortunately for some of our citizens who have more difficulty adapting to technology and the speed of life, there may be a huge gap in accessing our world.

New Horizons Un-Limited works to assist individuals on a one-to-one basis to grant independence and self-sufficiency. We are the community member who will take the time to address an individualís needs in computer skills, or office skills, to access the Internet, fill out a form or research community resources.

When you make a decision to automate your business or program, remember to plan for how a community member with physical, hearing or visual impairments will still be able to contact your business or program. Remember that a person may not have access to a computer or a phone, or the devices may not be usable due to an individualís particular disability. Offer alternatives to automated systems. Try to simplify rather than make a process more complicated. Outreach to those in the community for whom you would like to develop better access and extend a welcome strategy for people with various abilities. Your business will find new growth!

If you need information on accessible construction, check out the U.S. Department of Justice, Standards of Accessible Design at www.ada.gov/stdspdf.htm.

If you need to develop new hardware, software, websites, video and multimedia, or telecommunications, contact the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), 508 Standards: Accessibility at: www.epa.gov/accessibility/standards/index.htm.

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