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New Horizons Un-Limited - Make a world of difference Hire People with Disabilities!!


For more information, contact:
New Horizons Un-Limited
P.O. Box 510034
Milwaukee, WI 53203
Phone: (414) 299-0124

New Horizons Un-Limited -Make a world of difference Hire People with Disabilities!!

Make a world of difference Hire People with Disabilities!!

Do you own a company in need of hardworking, innovative self starters in the field of Information Technologies and Networking. Please contact us! We have several individuals looking for employment in the field of IT. We are looking for employers interested in considering offering opportunity to hardworking, quite capable people.

We have several older IT students that have been volunteering in our shop refurbishing computers and assisting us with network and automation for our non-profit organization and our Access Technology Initiative.

Many of our volunteers come to us through our collaboration with area colleges, universities and technical schools. They have also come through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation via our collaboration with Adonai Employment. They have associates degrees in IT and Networking. They are knowledgeable and not only good at problem solving but innovative and apply new technologies. They are an asset to our program!

Our program offers Employment Skills Training in Information Technology and the opportunity to gain experience. Our volunteers solve problems on used computers and make them operational. They also learn service skills as they offer IT help desk information to our clients, volunteers and students.

Each of our volunteers has volunteered for over 100 hours of service. Some have over 500 hours of service Each of these individuals has been dependable, hard working and innovative. We recommend each of them for employment in helpdesk and IT support.

As much as we would love to have them stay and volunteer, they need to become employed! Consider your needs in IT and consider an internship or 6 month trial employment period for an experienced technician.

If you know of an employment opportunity in Information Technologies, please contact us!

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