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Press Releases: 2017

New Horizons Un-Limited - 2017

Supporting Personal Journeys Toward a Brighter Future!


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New Horizons Un-Limited - 2017
Supporting Personal Journeys Toward a Brighter Future!

NHU cares enough NOW, to ensure our collective futures by offering the opportunity to our community members with disabilities the information, tools and experiences for lifelong learning.

We believe that fulfillment can be achieved in many different ways and at every stage of life.

We encourage volunteering and teaching others to enable people to be confident, contributing citizens. Our communities’ citizens accept the challenge to invest in themselves!

NHU holds a spotlight on our efforts to open gateways to full participation and opportunity with another personal journey from our programs.

Learn what your contributions to NHU have meant to affect change toward a brighter future for individuals.

Help NHU reach more individuals this year by giving to NHU and participating in our fundraisers.

Computer Grant and Training Program – Arlene’s Journey

In 2007 we met Arlene whose son was in our skills program and she offered to volunteer for NHU. She herself had a disability and received her first Computer Grant from NHU a few months later. She was very interested in obtaining more computer training and to learn office skills, so she became a volunteer and a very committed, dependable one. Not long after she was beginning to make progress toward the idea of seeking employment, she faced breast cancer. Obviously she concentrated on her health and we tried to assist with hope and encouragement.

Overtime she was successful and when she survived cancer, she dove right back into the challenges of life, with the struggles of living with disability and dealing with family and health issues. Through thick and thin, when she could, she returned to volunteer and contribute her time and talents to NHU and we continued to support her office skills training and personal computer needs throughout these many years.

Arlene has assisted with various administrative, fundraising and data entry projects, and accessible resources research. She is an avid crocheter/knitter and has often donated items to our fundraising events. During all this she has lived independently and is a vital part of her family. Arlene has been an integral part of the NHU community too, encouraging new volunteers and sharing solutions on disability issues. “I love volunteering for NHU, it stretches my learning and gives me the opportunity to really like what I am doing."

Recently we visited with Arlene about how having a computer has been beneficial to her. The computer has allowed her to research assistance for her one child who has a disability, as well as, assist another in finding job coaching and work. “My computer also allows me to keep close to my oldest child who teaches in Seoul, Korea and other family and friends, thru email and Facebook. I am also able to look up crochet/knit patterns on the Internet which allows me to create gifts for family and friends and an occasional commission, but it has also given me more volunteer opportunities to knit hats, prayer shawls, and newborn blankets to donate to others through the United Methodist Church of Whitefish Bay and Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital.”

NHU offered Arlene office skills training and granted a computer, a tool to assist her to overcome barriers and grant her opportunities to participate in life. By investing in herself and giving to others, she has found a way to help herself with her disability and be a contributing member of church, hospital and organizations in her community. We are proud of her accomplishments and privileged to have Arlene working alongside us.

This year as you decide on your giving, remember NHU needs your help to reach more people! Remember what your continued support has offered and continues to offer people like Arlene, not just the opportunity to overcome barriers to all that life can offer, but also assist them with the tools to face their disability armed with self-esteem and hope!

Please Join NHU in our Grassroots Effort to Care Enough NOW Ensuring Brighter Futures!

Help NHU provide more of our community members with disabilities the tools, training and encouragement they need to move forward in their lives!

What Can YOU do? The Time to Act is Today! YOUR Donation of:

NHU’s Information and Referral Program - Enjoy browsing the Internet? Volunteer for our Disability Research team.

NHU’s Computer Literacy and Grant Program - Volunteer to assist to refurbish or setup computers, answer helpdesk.

NHU’s Employment Skills Training and Work Experience Program - Volunteer to train adult students.

Our communities' members with disabilities are ready and willing to take the challenge! The time to act is today!

Want to be part of the solution? Join the conversation online!

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