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Press Releases: 2009

PC Pro Schools an ally in improving computer access among those with disabilities


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PC Pro Schools an ally in improving computer access among those with disabilities

Last Spring, New Horizons Un-Limited (NHU) had the good fortune of meeting Laura, the Campus Director of PC Pro Schoolsí Brookfield campus, at a Brew City HDI chapter meeting. At the meeting, NHU expressed a need for volunteer technicians to assist with their computer refurbishing and help desk activities. Seeing this opportunity as a way to give back, while also supporting the career goals of her students, Laura quickly recruited students to help NHU.

Over this past year, NHU has welcomed nearly a dozen PC Pro Schools students as volunteers. While all of the student volunteers have had a solid technical foundation, many of them were lacking that all important professional experience to help them win their dream job.

What NHU provides in experience to the students is exceeded by what they, as volunteers, have contributed to NHU's program. They have expertly refurbished dozens of computers, which, in turn, have been donated to dozens of individuals with disabilities that would not have otherwise been able to afford a home computer.

Just like NHU's student volunteers, the individuals that receive the refurbished computers are trying to improve their lives through technology. A computer means more to them than most of us could ever imagine.

To many of NHU's recipients, a computer is the tool they need to pursue their dream job and ultimately their own financial freedom.

NHU's refurbishing program is run entirely by volunteer technicians. It simply would not be possible without the expertise and dedication of their volunteers.

NHU's most recent group of volunteers will be graduating from PC Pro Schools in just weeks. It is NHU's hope that the experience the students have received will help the students reach their career goals.

NHU would like to extend a special thank you to Craig, Dan, Fred, Jim and Jonathan for their dedication to seeing that all people, no matter their income, may have access to a home computer.

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