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Press Releases: 2009

New Horizons Un-Limited Changes Eligibility for Computer Grant Program


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New Horizons Un-Limited Changes Eligibility for Computer Grant Program

Since 2004 New Horizons Un-Limited (NHU) has refurbished "retired" computers for the purposes of improving computer literacy and access among our community members with disabilities. Since that time, NHU has distributed computers to more than 500 individuals.

Effective March 1, 2009, NHU's procedures for approving applications to their computer grant program will change. Every application received after March 1st will be subject to the new procedures. The grant program will now be competitive. Only those applicants that provide a clear plan as to how they will use the computer to improve their life will be considered. Additional priority levels have been set and are explained below.

New Horizons Un-Limited Computer Grant Application Approval Process
Effective March 1, 2009

An application to this program does not guarantee a grant. The application process is competitive with applications being approved on a case by case basis.

Those applicants who do not qualify will be contacted via mail.

Priority will be given to those individuals that we find to have the greatest need for a home computer.

More specifically, priority will be given to the following applicants:
  • Individuals whose physical disabilities significantly limit their mobility and/or ability to communicate
  • Individuals that have a clear and concise plan on how they will use the computer to improve their lives
  • Individuals that are currently engaged in career training
  • Individuals that are currently pursuing continuing education

    You need not meet all of the above priorities to qualify. However, computers will first be granted to those who meet more than one of NHU’s priorities listed above. Applicants who meet these priorities will move ahead of other applicants on the waiting list who do not meet these priorities.

    Final approval will be based upon the applicant’s:
  • Proposed computer usage plan
  • Ability to demonstrate his/her awareness of how a computer can be used to improve his/her life
  • Ability to demonstrate his/her capacity to operate a computer

    These changes have been made in an effort to ensure that every granted computer will be used to its fullest potential and will provide greater opportunity to motivated individuals.

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