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Disability Web Directories

Regional Listings:   Mid-Atlantic States
State Listings:   KS /NJ / PA / VA / DC    (Official USPS State Abbreviations)
Country Listings:   Australia / United Kingdom   


Access Dome offers an online marketplace providing persons with disabilities a comprehensive list of Internet resources where they can shop for products and services relating to just about any disability.

ArcLink provides people with disabilities a database of helpful information and resources. Thus far, community resources are provided for residents of the following states: California, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina and Tennessee. The database offers helpful information on federal rules and regulations, resource identification for specific needs, a service provider search, listings of community based resources, and an opportunity to share knowledge with others.

Boulevard offers links to a directory full of website resources for accessible housing, adaptive computer equipment, assisted devices for daily living, augmentative communication, financial resources and mobility aids, such as lifts, vans, scooters, wheelchairs, and more. The Boulevard offers a section on Classifieds, EnableMart (Accessiblity Solutions Store), Medical Links, Discussions Boards and a Chat Room.

Chooseability is a web community whose purpose it is to "create a gathering place where people with disabilities, their friends and families can find out the latest news, the best links and share their stories and opinions." This site features many links to helpful disability resources, disability news and an opportunity to participate in online discussion forums.

Cornucopia of Disability Information (CODI) is a community resource for consumers and professionals providing disability information in a wide variety of areas. It offers both an Internet Directory of Disability Information and a library of electronic disability documents. Many of the documents on CODI are publicly available nowhere else on the Internet. Directory topics include assistive technology, college, communication, legal issues, traveling and many more.

New Sign Disability Basics by Disabled Travelers.com offers a comprehensive group of articles answering questions about disability in general such as Types of Physical Disabilities, How to Apply for Social Security Disabilitiy Benefits, Recognizing and Overcoming Disabilities, Understanding Disabilities, Disability Information for Veterans, Working with Students with Disabilities and much more.

Disabilities Online offers a directory of over 700 links relating to a variety of topics including alternative medicine, disability rights, diseases and conditions, education, independent living and many more.

Disability Online offers over 2000 links in their on-line directory. Topics include the ADA, activism and advocacy, accessible homes, art and entertainment, business and finance, employment, fitness and nutrition and many others. The directory also offers links to resources on specific disabilities.

disABILITY Information and Resources is a great list of disability links on all topics. Topics include databases, documents, resources not on the net, politics, assistive technology, recreation and travel, medical, transportation and mobility, etc.

Disability Link Barn is an online web directory offered by Access Unlimited. They offer links to disability-specific organizations, sports and entertainment resources, independent living resources, disability newsgroups and much more.

Disability Network is an information highway for individuals with disabilities and their families. Their website offers support from others as well as helpful and entertaining links for adults and children affected by disability. Their site features a chat room, links to numerous disability-related resources, disability news, personal writings and much more.

Easter Seals now offers an accessible online network to people with disabilities and their families. The network provides opportunities to take action on legal issues, information on child development, facts and myths about disability and tips on how to effectively communicate with a person with a disability. They also offer tips on how to choose a service provider. Visit their website for this and more.

Enabled Online is an online clearinghouse of information covering a wide variety of disability-related issues. The site offers real life experiences of people with disabilities, editorials, employment and health-related news and resources, a listing of general news and events as well as a listing of links to various disability-related resources.

Family Friendly Fun and Special Needs Resources is a resource directory of websites that offer mind, body and spirit-enriching information that enhances the quality and enjoyment of family life for families with members with special needs. The site includes a disability resources directory.

Family Village is a global community of disability related resources and provides information on resources and communication opportunities to persons with mental retardation and other disabilities, their families, and interested others. Though geared toward children's needs, the Family Village has information for adults as well.

iCan! is an online disability community in which many resources can be found. Resource topics include transportation, employment, recreation, leisure and travel, health and fitness, independent living, disability rights, adaptive technology and more. The site also offers a conditions library, a message board and extensive news coverage of disability-related events, activities and issues.

International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet offers an online directory of disability-related information and resources that can be found on the Internet. Specifically, they offer disability news, links to resources on employment, recreation, education, health, legal policy, government and more. They also offer a resource section dedicated to caregivers.

Internet Resource for Special Children (IRSC) offers a worldwide listing of resources for children with disabilities in an effort to improve their qualities of life. The website offers resources relating to adaptive technology, employment, health care, legislation, recreation and sports, special education and much more. They also offer many resources related to specific disabilities and disorders.

JustCan.com offers national and local Internet portals where the disability community can communicate and learn of opportunities available in their area. The website offers links to online disability resources, products, services and support groups. Information and links are offered on numerous topics including adaptive technology, arts, business, education, employment, home care, independent living and much more. They also offer links to various online discussion forums.

Medline Plus a website offered by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has developed an A to Z listing of health related organizations in the United States. Visit their organization directory online.

National Organization on Disability (N.O.D.) is the only national disability network organization concerned with all disabilities, all age groups and all disability issues. In addition to offering varied national programs, they also offer an informative website on which a wide variety of resources and information can be found. Their site features disability-related news and resources as well as disability statistics and surveys.

Trace Research and Development Center develops standards for information technologies and telecommunication systems making these systems more accessible for people with disabilities. The Trace Center is developing a flexible multi-model interface technique for standard products that can adapt to a wide range of individuals with disabilities without altering the interface for people without disabilities. The Trace Center develops strategies and techniques to make standard products more accessible. The Trace Center encourages companies to make their standard products more accessible. The Trace Center provides a directory of resources for people with disabilities. General Disability resources and Organizations, Resources on the Americans with Disabilities Act, Disability Publications, Networks, Bulletin Boards, and Databases, Professional Associations, Resources by Disability Type, Assessment and Evaluation Services for Augmentative Communication and Computer Access, and resources by Product type including Environmental Controls, Communication Aids, Telecommunication and Computer Adaptive Products.

Untangling the Web is an online disability resource directory. The directory offers links to numerous disability websites including those regarding education, assistive technology, medical resources, recreation and travel and a number of links to disability specific websites.

World Association of Persons with Disabilities Resources Page offers hundreds of resource links on a wide variety of issues important to people with disabilities and their families. Links are offered to resources on such issues as employment, assistive technology, computer aides, education, recreation, rehabilitation, housing and much more. This is a great information and referral website.

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Regional Listings

Middle Atlantic States Region

Disability Guide is a user-friendly, information-packed resource targeted at helping those with disabilities find the information they need to lead more independent, productive lives. Information is specific to residents of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Specifically, they offer information on employment, accessible apartments, accessible recreation and travel, transportation and more. They also offer links to several national disability resources.

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State Listings


New Sign Kansas Commission of Disability Concerns is an online resource for information on disability issues in Kansas. This website includes resources for Daily Living, Work, School and Play. Actually quite comprehensive and more on this site from the Office of the Governor, family resources, organization listings, information on how to access services in Kansas, service eligibility Q&A, and employment information.

New Jersey

State of New Jersey Service Directory offers a comprehensive listing of services available to residents of New Jersey. Residents may find resources related to anything from affordable housing to family health services. If you are in need of assistive services in New Jersey, this is the site to visit.

New York

New Sign All Western New York: Services for the Disabled in Western New York brings you information related to physical, mental and emotional disabilities. Persons with disabling conditions, caregivers, family and friends as well as non-disabled community members are encouraged to learn about the disability issues affecting themselves and the community at large.

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Accessible PA is a web directory offering the latest information on programs and services in one convenient site for people of all ages with disabilities, as well as their families and support providers. You will find information on a variety of programs and services for Pennsylvanians with disabilities such as programs for education, housing, transportation, vocational rehabilitation, employment, health care, home and community-based services, and child-specific services. The site also offers a convenient keyword search.

Kids Together, Inc. is a website designed to provide helpful information and resources to enhance the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities. Their site offers a listing of national disability-related organizations as well as those in Pennsylvania, discussion boards, as well as information specific to parents and families, siblings, educators, businesses and professionals and communities.


Virginia Disability Services Agencies Web Portal offers a multitude of links to helpful disability service providers. The website offers links to national and Virginian resources covering such issues as adaptive technology, community living, education, employment, transportation, financial assistance, communication and advocacy. The site also offers links to various government agencies and disability organizations.

Washington DC

DisabilityGuide.org is the Washington, DC metro area's premiere online disability information resource. Their mission is to create a user-friendly, information-packed resource targeted at helping those with disabilities find the information they need. They offer links to local and national resources on such topics as transportation, entertainment, recreation, housing, and more.

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Country Listings


e-bility provides easy access and links to helpful resources, services and products for individuals with disabilities, their families and caregivers, as well as for health professionals and other service providers in the disability sector throughout Australia.

United Kingdom

Youreable.com is a website serving people with disabilities in the United Kingdom. The website offers information, products and services that will enable people with disabilities to live independent lives. The site offers several main sections including "Life," "Shopping," "News," "Community" and "Services." There is also an opportunity to participate in online forums and discussions relating to various disability issues.

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