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Success Stories: New Horizons Un-Limited

While there are a great many stories to share, following are just a few of the interns and consumers that have touched us over the years.

Randy - Broadening His IT Knowledge Base for Employment

Randy, NHU Intern

Having worked in manufacturing for many years, Randy had recently become concerned about his long-term job security. In response, he worked towards earning an Associate Degree in Applied Science – Computer Electronic Engineering Technology.

Randy earned his degree in 2010, but didn’t find an employment opportunity in his new field. Through DVR he started with Adonai Employment, expressed an interest in returning to computer-related work.

In 2012 through his Temporary Work Experience Employment with NHU, Randy was able to evaluate his skill set and determine which direction he wanted to move within the field of Information Technology.

Working with several of our NHU lead volunteer technicians for one-on-one guidance and much needed hands on hardware and software configuration experience, when Randy’s temporary work experience ended, he was so thrilled with the progress he had made.

Barry - A PC Pro Schools Volunteer to a Freelance Repair Tech

Barry, an IT Tech

We met Barry back in 2008 when we partnered with PC Pro Schools to provide hands on computer repair work to their students. Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a number of years earlier, Barry decided a career change was in order and pursued his dream of working with computers.

When Barry first joined us he had extensive software experience, but lacked hands on hardware experience. That all changed when he started as a volunteer computer refurbisher with NHU. Since then, Barry became a staple among our volunteers and took on the training and mentoring of new technicians. Over the years, thanks to the experience he gained while volunteering for NHU, Barry has taken on several installation jobs with major corporations and continues to offer freelance computer repair and upgrade services throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. We are grateful to have him on our team.

Roslyn - From Single Mom to Community Advocate

Roslyn, an NHU Employee Roslyn came to us as an applicant for our Computer Grant Program in the summer of 2009. She was pursuing a degree from Alverno College and found that utilizing the computer lab for her assignments proved to be too cumbersome and inconvenient. We were thrilled to provide her with the tools she needed to finish her degree!

Soon after, she expressed interest in completing an internship with us. In the Fall of 2009 as a volunteer intern through Alverno College, Roslyn took on every task we threw at her with enthusiasm. She proved to be so valuable that we offered her an administrative position in the spring of 2010. With her degree and her resolve she Roslyn had grown beyond her wildest expectations and had become a valued member of our NHU team.

Her story proves how perseverance and unending optimism pays off. We are honored to call you one of our own Roslyn!

Geraldine - On Her Way to Earning a College Degree

Geraldine received her first ever home computer via NHU's Computer Grant Program in August of 2006. She applied with the hopes that she might use the computer to take online classes and further her chances of a career. We have remained in contact with Geraldine over the years, providing information, encouragement, and technical support whenever needed. We've even upgraped her system to ensure it would keep up with the demands of her schooling.

More than six years later, we were pleased to report that Geralidine graduated with an Associates Degree in the fall of 2013. According to Geraldine, "the computer you donated helped me a lot, especially with online classes. I could not have done this on my own and I am very grateful for your being there for me." And we too are grateful Geraldine that you have served as such an inspiration for us and others! We are so very excited to see where this journey leads you!

Charles - A Computer Newbie's Transformation

A Satisfied Computer Recipient

Charles was among one of the first individuals to receive a computer via our Computer Grant Program back in 2004. After receiving his computer, Charles spent several months just "tinkering", unsure of how exactly he could put this technology to its best use. Upon following-up with Charles, we found a man who was more than eager to learn, yet, too intimidated to move forward. We encouraged him to come in for some basic training. he promptly and enthusiastically accepted the offer.

After several weeks of training, the fear subsided and a hunger to learn took over. He not only learned the basics, but also mastered more advanced concepts such as spreadsheet calculations. Charles uses his newfound computer skills on a daily basis, be it through tracking inventory and resident meetings at his volunteer position with Hope Street Ministry or staying in touch with his loved ones via e-mail.

Charles is just one among many of our computer recipients that have applied this technology to their everyday lives. Beyond Charles, we have aspiring poets and novelists and even a few potential entrepreneurs.

If you have questions or ideas, information and solutions that you would like to share with us, you may contact us by e-mail at: horizons@new-horizons.org or to use our NHU E-Mail Form or NHU Community Forum, click on the links below.
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