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Independent Living

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Guide to Transitioning to Independent Living

This guide was prepared by our NHU staff to assist those interested in transitioning from a nursing home or family home to an independent living environment. It will further provide an outline of necessary steps to begin the transitioning process, identifying your needs and your resources. This guide suggests items to consider before the transition to independent living takes place.

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Disability Survival Manual: For Persons Adapting to Disability by Persons Living with Disability

This manual, written by the folks at the Arizona Bridge to Independent Living, is designed and written by those who have disabilities. They have "been there." Although each person's disability is unique, there are some common elements between your experience and that of the 54 million others in the country with a disability. This manual tells it like it is. After you read it, they hope you will come away from it with two things: 1) life with a disability is not the end of the world- it's just a new beginning, and 2) knowing where to go, and taking charge of getting there, will make life full, exciting, and rewarding. While there are numerous Arizona specific resources listed throughout, this manual is a great starting point for residents of other states as well. This manual is available in alternate formats. For more information, call (800) 280-2245 (V/TTY) or e-mail azbridge@abil.org.


This guide, a publication of the United Spinal Association, serves as an excellent resource for any individual with a disability interested in developing their self-advocacy skills.

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