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This article, originally published by MOBILE in their spring 2003 edition of In Gear, offers excellent tips for writing effective advocacy letters.

Self-Advocacy Guides

Arizona Center for Disability Law offers several self-advocacy guides covering different disability-related legal issues free of charge. The guides cover such issues as assistive technology, employment, fair housing, health care, special education, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and more. These guides are not a substitute for legal advice, but may provide you with valuable information to assist you in advocating for yourself. Many of the guides are currently available on-line in PDF format. If there are guides you are interested in receiving that are not on-line, they can e-mail them to you. Please request the guide by its corresponding number (as shown on their website) and specify which format works best for you (Wordperfect, Word, HTML). For more information, please Contact the Center.

New Sign Good Access Guide is the online guide to life, leisure and mobility in the United Kingdom. The UK's leading directory of services for disabled people, seniors, and anyone whose life is made easier by better access to goods, services and amenities. The directory includes a Disability Awareness Training guide

New Sign Disability Awareness Training - our online Disability Awareness Training module gives an excellent introduction to all employees and management in an area where many feel uncomfortable and uncertain but overwhelmingly want to get things right. The aim of this training is to help your employees to be more confident in their day-to-day dealings with people with disabilities The module is extremely flexible, cost-effective and can be tailored to your particular industry or organization. Versions available: General, Taxi Drivers, Call Centres, Travel Agents. To find out more, simply visit this website or call Wendy or Ian on 0845 250 0617.

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