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Do you feel safe?


NHU Community Friend:
As a person with a disability do you have concerns of failures in your community's existing emergency management infrastructure for people with disabilities.   

* Will you find refuge in the event of an emergency or disaster?  Register and Login to tell your story.
* Do you feel your state or local governmental authorities have not addressed the needs of individuals in emergency planning and relief.
* Do you feel your state and local authorities do not have the most up-to-date evacuation plans.
* Do you know if first responders in your community are aware of the needs of individuals with disabilities or more specifically your needs.
* If your medical equipment such as a wheelchair was lost in a disaster, would there be a way to replace it.
* Has your community coordinated accessible transportation in an emergency.
* Is your nearest emergency shelter is not accessible.
* To contact your Representatives, use the links at


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