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Being a Parent of three adult children with ADHD has its ups and Downs



I am a parent with three adult children with ADHD.  It is both frustrating and exhilerating to have them in my life.  With my oldest Daughter, Megan, I am so proud of her she has gotten a college degree and is a teacher for children in Seoul, South Korea K-6th teaching them English as a 2nd language and she reads to them and she is a librarian where she is.  She has been doing this for four years as a teacher and two years as a librarian and reading to the children.

My other two are struggling and I try hard to be as supportive to them as I can.  My youngest is struggling to find a job.  She had a taste of success with having a temporary job for two weeks in a job she truly loved doing, only to find out that it was indeed only temporary.  My son unfortunately has a lot of issues so it is hard for him to work even though he is a person that is very encouraging to other people, and is an empathetic person, but some of his issues get in the way of his success.  I am so proud of him on his growth over the past 6 months.  I hope that he continues to grow as a person.  I feel the same for my youngest daughter as well.  I hope that he will learn and grow from her mistakes and do well in the future.  Thank you for reading my post.


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