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January 2014 - We should all be concerned with the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there. - ------  Charles F. Kettering

Many of us have turned a corner and our whole life has changed due to disability.  How do we leave the past and start a new tomorrow when everything is so foreign?  We do not want to forget the past, but in order to move on, we need to find something in our future - our New Hope, our New Horizons.

If you find yourself hopeless, do not hesitate to find help!  If you find yourself slipping back to hopeless thoughts, find someone or some activity to help you to launch yourself into today and tomorrow! 

We at New Horizons Un-Limited would like to share the story of a woman, Dotti Krieger, who faced many disability and health challenges in her life and through it all assisted others to reach their full potential.    Dotti passed away this last year, but her vision lives on as others pick up the call to build more Accessible Cabins in Wisconsin State Parks. 

Visit our People Making a Difference page  to read about Dotti and others who found New Hope, New Horizons and built for the future.

How do you step out of the past and find your New Hope and New Horizons?  Share your idea with others - join our NHU Community Forum or email us at
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