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Disability Advice


NHU Community Friend:
The following statements are from people with disabilities from across the globe, sharing their advice on disability.

"Find an advocate as soon as you become disabled, not always easy."

"Don't assume anything, check up to make sure what you thought was being done, was actually done."

"Don't try to negotiate the system on your own.  Honesty will get you nowhere.  Have an attorney file your FIRST Soc. Sec. application.   State and federal agencies don't even ply by their own rules."

"Leave no stone unturned and if you have been discriminated against, complain about it to the right people."

"Be patient in Life"

"Be proactive, make a list of resources."

"If you live in a bigger city the resources are probably there."

Advice: "Get ready for the wait if you're applying for V.A. disability benefits."

"Learn to deal with the pain without relying on drugs."



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