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Magazine for children with disabilities

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NHU Community Friend:
I am a librarian and I am looking for a hardcopy magazine for kids with disabilities to read here at the library?

NHU Community Friend:
Sorry to say Kids on Wheels by New Mobility is no longer available, however New Mobility Magazine offers their adult version of the magazine which offers many resources for those interested in mobility solutions. The Adults Magazine informs and supports parents with features on the latest health treatments, adaptive programs, travel, products, parenting, self-care and more.

NHU Community Friend:
  We did find this kid magazine from the UK -Transitions magazine  emerged out of KIDS' Young People's Inclusion Network (YP-in) and is aimed at and written by young disabled people. Every issue covers three main themes - Relationships and Sexuality, Identity and Independence. You can view the magazine in PDF format on the website. Alternatively, email or call 0207 359 3073 for a free hard copy (postage charges apply and remember it is coming from the United Kingdom).

NHU Community Friend:
We came across a few magazines for  kids with  disabilities. Visit our Library:  NHU Magazines page.

NHU Community Friend:
ADDitude   magazine has articles for adults  with ADD or learning disabilities and parents of children with these disabilities. To subscribe, fill out their on-line form or call 1-888-762-8475.


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