Author Topic: Reduce your home energy bills for good  (Read 4860 times)

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Reduce your home energy bills for good
« on: November 22, 2011, 07:43:14 AM »
Reduce your home energy bills for good - Check out the Federal Weatherization Assistance Program

The U.S. Department of Energy, via their Weatherization Assistance Program, enables low-income families to permanently reduce their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient. It is this country's longest running, and perhaps most successful energy efficiency program.

Through this program, eligible homeowners can have energy efficient features installed in their homes free of charge. These are not expensive upgrades - the average expenditure limit is $2,826 per home - but they are effective, and energy savings pay for the upgrades within a few years. On average, weatherization reduces heating bills by 31% and overall energy bills by $358 per year at current prices.

With energy efficient features in place, homeowners would no longer have to rely on the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, a program that helps pay for home heating and cooling bills. These funds can instead be allocated towards programs addressing more pressing family issues.

While this is a federal program, each state maintains its own guidelines. To find the agency that administers the weatherization program in your state, visit the U.S. Department of Energy website online at and click on your state on the map.

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