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Help Distribute Get Seizure Smart
« on: November 04, 2010, 07:07:08 AM »
October 2010 - November is Epilepsy Awareness Month
 The Epilepsy Foundation  would like to put a copy of the Get Seizure Smart!  quiz into as many hands as possible.  By taking the quiz, a person will learn more about epilepsy and what to do if someone has a seizure.  If every person with epilepsy distributed 100 copies of the quiz, we'd reach every person in America!!!  All you have to do is print the quiz, make copies and ask people to hand them out.

Will you help distribute the quiz in your town?    Here are five ways you can help reach people in your town:
1. Ask your local school to give a copy of the quiz to every teacher, administrator and student.
2. Ask your local fire/police/EMT station to give one to every person on the force.
3. Give a copy to every person at your church, synagogue or club (Rotary, Knights of Columbus).
4. Put one in the mailbox of every person who lives on your block.
5. Ask a business (pizza parlor, grocery store) to put one in every bag that leaves the store.
Thank you and please feel free to contact the Epilepsy Foundation if you have any questions.  ;)   :)
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