Author Topic: Care Givers. Who we are!  (Read 3779 times)

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Care Givers. Who we are!
« on: October 06, 2010, 10:14:06 AM »
Taking care of someone else, while taking care of you?  The task is on going, and never ending.  Where does it begin, who is the individual being cared for is where it all begins.

Mother, wife, and being a caregiver to an individual who needs a considerate amount of your time accomplishing daily living skills can be very overwhelming.  One person having all these responsibilities leaves little to no time to communicate your devastation, or to research tools that may help.  

It is understandable that the tasks can become quite a challenge, please know that you are not the only one experiencing something that seems like a burdensome situation.  There are others who fall into the category of care giving and being over whelmed, like me.

I would benefit from information in the following categories:
Information on support groups and other resources?

Becoming apart of care giver support network/ social network?

For tips on how taking care of myself while taking care of someone else is so improtant?
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Re: Care Givers. Who we are!
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2010, 08:50:54 AM »
Yes, being a care giver takes bravery and can be quite a challenge no matter the relationship.  The key to being a good care giver is to always think positive, and not defeated.  Sure you may be weary at times, but remember there is some one depending on you.  And if you did not care, you would not be a care giver, or the one providing care.

Being a care giver takes passion and genuine concern, especially if it is in a private sector, or of a personal commitment.  This is why taking care of you is very important.  Generally, a situation as this is very demanding and can consume you.  Be cautious of how you are treating yourself.
Below are some links within New Horizon Un-Limited (NHU)web site that may come in handy.  And remember “you are not alone.”

For information on support groups and other resources in your area visit NHU’s web site at:

To become apart of NHU's care giver support network visit our web site at:

For tips on how taking care you while taking care of someone else is so improtant visit NHU’s web site at:
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