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NHU Community Friend:
Hello everyone, especially our college students.

I am posting here to communicate and share experiences of college students, recent and continuing college students with disabilities.  Let’s begin our discussion by answering some questions and opening comments.

How has your college experience been thus far this semester?

Are you as a disabled individual seeing your needs being met at the college you are enrolled?

In what areas could the college be more helpful, if there is an area not being met at the college?

Your comments and thoughts are needed to open up the discussion.

Thank you!

Miss G:
Yes I a new to school disabled college student. I attend a 2 yr. technical college, and have been struggling since before the first day of school. Enrolling in classes, locating the classes, signing up and being approved for financial aid, standing in the longest line ever to purchase books has all made this a nightmare. No to mention getting help through disability services and obtaining a tutor. Wow, I forgot to answer the questions.

Miss G


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