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Inter Library Loan
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If your local library system does not own a book you are looking for, they may have inter library loan service through which your library may be able to get the book from another library system.

Through inter library loan, your library can request a book
from other public library systems, university libraries,
medical college libraries, etc.

Be aware that not all states may have this service. Inquire
at your local library if its available.

In Wisconsin you can access WISCAT to find out which
library owns the book you are looking for.

Ask your local library to request the book and they will
notify you when they receive it.

Depending on the availability of the item it  may take
awhile to get it.

Example: In Wisconsin to locate libraries that own the
book, access Wiscat through the Milwaukee Public Library
Home Page:

       Go to
           Choose Database

               A menu appears for you to select your community

                   Badgerlink will appear

                       Select WISCAT

                           Click on begin

                             Type in: accessible gardening

                                List of titles appears

                                   Click on title you wish to request
                                      List of libraries which own the book
                                      will appear.
                                          Ask your library to order the book
                                          through inter library loan.
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