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"Depression - You Can Feel Better!"


NHU Community Friend:
"Depression - You Can Feel Better!" is the beginning chapter to Don't Make Depression Your Disability, written by Bobbie Ratcliff. Bobbie has given us a way to look at life that can turn our lives around for the better. Having sustained an injury and subsequent, illness, pain and disability, Bobbie has experienced first hand the extreme down side of disability. Bobbie and Anne, his wife of 24 years, have made their journey together which has brought them to this place and time. Now he has shared their remarkable, yet simple, everyday solutions, their "Cookbook for a Healthy Emotional Diet." With humor and humanity, he persuades us to make the most of life with his self-enlightened ideas to cope with illness and disability.   To read his article, go to  Check back soon here at New Horizons Un-Limited for more chapters of his exciting article!

NHU Community Friend:
Depression and Fibromyalgia go hand in hand because of the pain.  I have magnets for pain, a special jar opener, Internet as information source, microwave meals and use plastic utensils.


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