Author Topic: Do not give up on your child  (Read 6489 times)


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Do not give up on your child
« on: March 04, 2007, 03:38:14 PM »

If you have an infant who appears to be delayed in development do not give up. My mom wanted to give up on me but Dad wouldn't let her. Eventually I did hold my head up, sit up, crawl, walk and ride a bike. I learned to ride a bike at age ten but at least I did it. I never tried hard in school because it didn't seem I could compete or be on an even keel with my peers. When I got to junior high I was picked on excessively because of the Milwaukee brace and being overweight. I seriously contemplated jumping out the third floor window in school. But I didn't want to make my parents sad. I tried various jobs when I graduated from high school  and lost a job as a laundry aide because I could not keep up the physical pace. I worked second shift and had to work by myself and it was hard. I decided to work hard at becoming a better person. I attended college, received a degree in human services and graduated with high honors. I also took the Dale Carnegie class and got the highest achievement award. Now I am struggling at work again with my memory and am fearful of losing this job which I have had for eleven years. Yellowbelly