Author Topic: Caregiver for aging parent needs help!!  (Read 9386 times)


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Caregiver for aging parent needs help!!
« on: June 20, 2006, 07:59:18 AM »
I am experiencing for the first time taking care of an aging parent
and need counceling.  I live in Danville, Calif. and would like an
excellant reference for a councelor and support group.  My father
is in a SNF.  I feel overwhelmed and everytime I leave him I feel
angry, frustrated, sad.....usually I can get my feelings turned around
and be positive, but I feel so weighed down and I know I can't fix
everything...and yet I now I am trying to do that.  I just really need
some help in dealing with this situation, some tools, this is long
term and I have to get through this somehow.  I have taken time
off work to try and sort through everything, and I know I need some
professional help.