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NHU Community Friend:
Please understand that there are many individuals that may be experiencing similar circumstances as you. Each of you may be experiencing common problems and questions through the experience of your disability. Please SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE of what you have encountered on your journey with your disability.  If each person would take a little and each person would give a little, the collective sharing of knowledge would make a significant difference for all of us.   :)

hi,my name is debbie and i have menrere's disease.I have had it for 7 years.I have dizzeness,sick stomach,and I stay in the bed a lot.With no warning I will just fall.The doctor wants to do a surgery on me called a shunt. I'm really scared. Dose anyone out there know if this surgery works?It is supose to take the dizzy away.Need some feed back on this please.Thanks from debbie who is very scared

Dear Debbie

Meniere's disease sounds like it can really knock your poor head right off the edge of sanity.  After reading on website (MDIC) about what you're going through, I can see why you don't feel quite yourself right now.  I found their site very informative, and the links were even better!

As to what you do next, maybe a question to the question is in order here.
     1:  Do you trust your doctor 100%, without any doubt whatsoever?
     2:  Have you talked this over with someone(s) that you trust 100% of the time, and what do they think is your best course of action?
     3:  After stewing and brewing over this, over and over again, at the end of the day, how do you feel deep down inside yourself?

Life is always about 'What should I do now," or "Is this the right thing to do?"  This time, you're trying to make a medical decision, and it's just a bit harder than the rest of the choices you've made up till now.  Well Debbie, only you know what's good for you and your life.  Only you as an adult can make this kind of choice.  Listen and learn to the smartest people you can find, talk it over with the people you respect the most, then stop and listen to what's best for you, from you.  Don't worry, you will choose the right thing.

As to the odds, and the possibility of things not quite turning out exactly as you planned, well, life is always a bit of a gamble, so don't let yourself grown an ulcer over it.

     Remember, A decision not made, is a decision made,
                  so no matter what you do, you have already made a choice.

Stay safe, and try not to fall over to much, but when you do, I'm sure that those who care the most, will always be there to help you back up again.  Forte


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