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NHU Community Friend:
 Do you know of Art Exhibits for artists with disabilities? We would like to post exhibits from all over the country.  Please send information about the exhibit nearest you.

Art Exhibits at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center by talented artists with disabilities

Art Disability and Expression Exhibit by VSA Arts is an on-line exhibit of disabled artists.

NHU Community Friend:
Offices of Fenwick and West, LLP
 555 California Street, 12th Floor
 San Francisco, CA 94104
Rare Artist reception on June 7th for the 'rare' experience of viewing art from the rare disease community.
Artists from around the world will be telling their stories of the triumphs and struggles of living each day
 with a rare disease.
Come to mingle with some of the artists and enjoy complimentary refreshments.
For more information visit them on Facebook:


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