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Community and Internet Resources: Legislation and the Law

2016 Presidential Election Information Center: State Election Office Directory

Your State Election Office will provide all of the information you need to vote, including information on voter registration, early voting, absentee voting, polling place accessibility, and more. Find your state office in the list below. States are listed in alphabetical order.

Alabama Votes
Ph: 1-800-274-8683

State of Alaska: Division of Elections
Ph: 1-866-952-8683

Arizona Secretary of State: Elections
Ph: 1-877-843-8683

Arkansas Secretary of State: Elections Division
Ph: 1-800-482-1127
E-mail: electionsemail@sos.arkansas.gov

California Secretary of State: Elections Division
Ph: 1-916-657-2166
Voter Hotline: 1-800-345-VOTE (8683)

Colorado Secretary of State
Ph: 1-303-894-2200

Connecticut Secretary of State: Legislation and Election Administration
Ph: 1-860-509-6100

State of Delaware: Department of Elections
New Castle County: 1-302-577-3464
Kent County: 1-302-739-4498
Sussex County: 1-302-856-5367

Florida Department of State: Division of Elections
Ph: 1-866-308-6739
E-mail: DivElections@dos.myflorida.com

Georgia Secretary of State: Elections Division
Ph: 1-404-656-2871

State of Hawaii: Office of Elections
Ph: 1-800-345-5915
E-mail: elections@hawaii.gov

Idaho Votes
Ph: 1-208- 334-2852
E-mail: elections@sos.idaho.gov

Illinois State Board of Elections
Springfield Office: 1-217-782-4141
Chicago Office: 312-814-6440

Indiana Elections Division
Ph: 1-317-232-6531

Iowa Secretary of State
Ph: 1-888-SOS-VOTE (1-888-767-8683)

State of Kansas: Office of the Secretary of State
Ph: 1-800-262-VOTE (8683)

Kentucky State Board of Elections
Ph: 1-800-246-1399

Louisiana Secretary of State
Ph: 1-800-883-2805

Maine.gov: Elections and Voting
Ph: 1-207-624-7650
E-mail: cec.elections@maine.gov

Maryland State Board of Elections
Ph: 1-800-222-8683

Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Elections Division
Ph: 1-800-462-VOTE (8683)
E-mail: elections@sec.state.ma.us

Michigan Voter Information Center
Ph: 1-888-767-6424

MN Votes
Ph: 1-877-600-VOTE (8683)
E-mail: secretary.state@state.mn.us

Mississippi Secretary of State: Elections and Voting
Ph: 1-800-829-6786

Missouri Secretary of State: Elections and Voting
Ph: 1-800-669-8683
E-mail: elections@sos.mo.gov

Montana Secretary of State: My Voter Page
Ph: 1-888-884-8683
E-mail: soselections@mt.gov

Nebraska Secretary of State: Elections
Ph: 1-402-471-2555
E-mail: sos.elect@nebraska.gov

Nevada Secretary of State
Ph: 775-684-5705
E-mail: nvelect@sos.nv.gov

New Hampshire Secretary of State: Elections Division
Ph: 1-603-271-3244

New Jersey Division of Elections
Ph: 1-609-292-3760

New Mexico Secretary of State
Ph: 1-505-827-3600

New York State Board of Elections
Ph: 1-800-367-8683
E-mail: info@elections.ny.gov

North Carolina State Board of Elections
Ph: 1-866-522-4723
E-mail: elections.sboe@ncsbe.gov

Secretary of State North Dakota
Ph: 1-800-352-0867

Ohio Secretary of State: Elections and Voting
Ph: 1-877-SOS-OHIO (767-6446)

Oklahoma State Election Board
Ph: 1-405-521-2391

Oregon Secretary of State
Ph: 1-503-986-1518
E-mail: elections.sos@state.or.us

Pennsylvania Department of State: Voting and Elections
Ph: (717) 787-5280

State of Rhode Island Board of Elections
Ph: 1-401-222-2345
E-mail: boe.elections@elections.ri.gov

South Carolina State Election Commission
Ph: (803) 734-9060
E-mail: elections@elections.sc.gov

South Dakota Secretary of State: Elections and Voting
Ph: 1-605-773-3537

Tennessee Secretary of State: Elections
Ph: 1-877-850-4959
E-mail: tennessee.elections@tn.gov

Texas Secretary of State: Elections Division
Ph: 1-800-252-VOTE (8683)

Utah Vote
Ph: 1-801-983-2075

Vermont Secretary of State: Elections
Ph: 1-800-439-8683
E-mail: sos.elections@sec.state.vt.us

Virginia Department of Elections
Ph: 1-800-552-9745
E-mail: info@elections.virginia.gov

Washington Secretary of State
Ph: 1-800-448-4881
E-mail: elections@sos.wa.gov

West Virginia Secretary of State: Elections
Ph: 1-866-767-8683

My Vote Wisconsin
Ph: 1-866-VOTE-WIS (868-3947)
E-mail: gab@wi.gov

Wyoming Secretary of State: Election Center
Ph: 1-307-777-5860
E-mail: Elections@wyo.gov

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