Author Topic: 2013 -Sept. 5-8th, Milwaukee -US Disabled Sailing Championships Results  (Read 3012 times)

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2013 -September 5-8th, Wisconsin's own Paralympic winner, John Ruf, from Pewaukee, Wisconsin has won the Singlehanded Sailing Championship at the U.S. Disabled Sailing Championships held at the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center.

John Ruf from Pewaukee, Wisconsin  competed with the best as he sailed in the U.S. Disabled Sailing Championships  held at the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center, September 5-8th.
In 2008, Ruf finished with a Bronze Medal in the Bejing Paralympic Games and has proven he is the best against able-bodied sailors as well, when he won the Open World Sailing Championship in 2009 and the U.S. Open National Championship in 2010. This is one sport that sailors can leave their mobility disabilities behind and compete at any level!! For more information about John Ruf and the Milwaukee Regatta visit,
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