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American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) iis the professional, scientific, and credentialing association for more than 150,000 members and affiliates who are audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists in the United States and internationally. ASHA is making effective communication a human right, accessible and achievable for all. They provide advocacy, research and the promotion of effective human communication, with publications.
For more information, contact them at the ASHA National Office, 2200 Research Boulevard, Rockville, MD 20850-3289 or Phone: Local: 301-296-5700 or Members: 800-498-2071 or Non-Member: 800-638-8255 or Fax: 301-296-8580 or TTY (Text Telephone Communication Device): 301-296-5650.

Callier Center for Communication Disorders, University of Texas Dallas, has been serving children and adults with severe expressive communication disorders, training graduate students at the University of Texas at Dallas and has many clinical and research programs. For more information, consult their website or contact them at 1966 Inwood Road, Dallas, Tx 75235, or call (214)905-3000.

The Cherab Foundation is a world-wide nonprofit organization working to improve the communication skills and education of all children with speech and language delays and disorders and research. Their area of emphasis is verbal and oral apraxia, severe neurologically-based speech and language disorders that hinder children's ability to speak. The Cherab Foundation is committed to assisting with the development of new therapeutic approaches, preventions and cures to neurologically-based speech disorders. They bring together parents and medical, research, and educational professionals. Please join them and help to give our children a smile and a voice. For more information contact the Cherab Foundation, P.O. Box 8524 PSL, Florida 34952-8524, or Phone: 772-335-5135.

National Black Association for Speech-Language and Hearing (NBASLH) - is the professional and scientific association addressing the communication interests and concerns of black communication science and disorders professionals, students and consumers. They provide advocacy, research and development of knowledge of the identification , diagnosis and treatment of people with communicative disability and provide financial support for the training of Black students in the fields of speech-language and hearing. For more information, contact them at 700 McKnight Park Drive, Suite 708, Pittsburgh, PA 15237, by Phone: 412-366-1177, by Fax: 412-366-8804 or send e-mail to: NBASLH@nbaslh.org

New Sign Wise Old Sayings.com: Communicating with an Autistic Child: A Parent's Guide is an article on-line at Wise Old Sayings.com
The article is a list of resources on the following topics: General Resources on Autism, Parenting a Child with Autism and Communicating with a Child with Autism. The resource list is very comprehensive and each resource has a description.

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