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  • Health Insurance
  • Health Websites
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Higher Education (College): Accessible Colleges and Universities
  • Higher Education (College): Informational Resources
  • Hire: Businesses that Hire People with Disabilities
  • Hire/Mentor Youth with Disabilities: Life Planning: For Employers:
  • Hiring People with Disabilities: For Employers:
  • Home Buyer
  • Home Care
  • Homeless/Shelters/Transitioning Programs and Housing
  • Home Modification Assistance
  • Home Modification Products
  • Home page - NHU
  • Home Owner
  • Horseback Riding: Therapeutic: Sports: Recreation
  • Horticulture and Gardening: Therapeutic
  • Horticulture: Therapeutic: Gardening: Books: Recreation
  • Hot Off the Press: see Disability News
  • Housing
  • Housing: Accessibility Architects
  • Housing: Accessible Home Search
  • Housing: Advocacy Groups and Legal Services
  • Housing: Apartment Rental
  • Housing: Apartment Rental: Affordable and Accessible Apartments
  • Housing: Apartment Rental: Financial Assistance
  • Housing: Assisted Living
  • Housing and Building: Accessibility and the ADA
  • Housing: Books
  • Disabled Veteran Support
  • Housing: Community and Internet Resources
  • Housing: Community Living (Group Homes)
  • Housing Counseling and Coordination
  • Housing: Editorials
  • Housing: Energy and Utility Assistance
  • Housing: Fair Housing
  • Housing: Financial Assistance: Home Ownership: Downpayment and Mortgages
  • Housing: Financial Assistance: Apartment Rental
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Housing: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Housing: General Financial Assistance
  • Housing: General Options
  • Housing: Government Agencies
  • Housing: Group Homes
  • Housing: Guides
  • Housing: Homeless/Shelter/Transitional Programs
  • Housing: Home Ownership
  • Housing: Home Modification Assistance
  • Housing: Home Modification Products
  • Housing: Legislation And Rights
  • Housing: Library and Research: Books
  • Housing: Library and Research: News Publications and Media
  • Housing: Programs and Services
  • Housing: Universal and Accessible Design
  • How Can I Do This? (March 2006): Conversations on Disability
  • How to Donate or Provide Disaster Relief Assistance for People with Disabilities
  • Huntington's Disease Community Organizations and Support Groups
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