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Disability and Health: Healthy Living offers tools and information for people with disabilities to make healthy choices and know how to prevent illness. For people with disabilities, it also means knowing that health problems related to a disability can be treated. These problems, also called secondary conditions, can include pain, depression, and a greater risk for certain illnesses. To be healthy, people with disabilities require health care that meets their needs as a whole person, not just as a person with a disability. Most people with or without disabilities can stay healthy by learning about and living healthy lifestyles. They include a list of healthy living tips and prevention of illness.

New Sign Product Chemical Hazard Labels Explained explains and shows the new pictograms for chemical hazard labels based on the Globally Harmonised System (GHS), a United Nations initiative to create a universal classification for chemicals. Manufacturers are responsible for labeling their products. Parents should be mindful of chemical labels to keep children safe at home or at school.

New Sign Recall Guide is a free, non-commercial tool that provides access to information about FDA recalls, warnings, hazardous interactions, and other important information about your prescriptions and medications. Recall Guide constantly monitors over 68,000 over-the-counter prescriptions and medications to keep its users safe and conscious about their health. Depakote and Xarelto help many people but are unfortunately often in the news due to potentially dangerous side effects and recalls. These are just two of the many medications that Recall Guide can help prescribers continue to use while also being conscious of their safety. You also can create an account to follow your medications to see if there is a recall on them. You need to sign up to read the articles on the website.

New Sign RXdangers.com Visit this comprehensive website educating the public about thousands of prescription and over-the-counter medications, many of which have the potential to cause serious side effects. Easy to navigate online database is constantly being updated with drug recall news, and provides comprehensive, unbiased information about serious side effects, complications, and interactions of commonly prescribed drugs.

Severe Weather Preparation and Safety Tips severe cold, ice storms, floods, flash floods, dust storms, hail, hurricanes, tornados, lightening, and more. Many times, survival from severe weather depends upon awareness, preparation, what to do during the event, and safe water and food handling after the event. Loss of electricity for a prolonged duration can be critical if you are not prepared for such a problem. The resources and information linked in this quick reference directory should help you prepare for severe weather and hazards and teach you what to do before, during and after a critical event. Teach safety to your children and hold drills at home.

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EnergyCare provides year-round client assistance and refers callers to agencies that provide utility assistance, counsels callers on how to stay safe and well in cold weather, provides blankets and heaters for persons who are ill, persons who are elderly and have low incomes, and who families with young children who are ill, provides minor furnace repair for older adults who have low incomes and own their homes, provides weatherization kits for families with low incomes who are physically able to install the kits, weatherizes homes to keep persons who elderly, ill or disabled safe and help them conserve precious financial resources and energy. EnergyCare continually provides products and services that help St. Louis city and county residents throughout the year.

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Hot Weather Guidelines: Agencies Serving Elderly/Persons with Disabilities Peel Health recommends steps to be taken to prevent heat related illness.

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