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Recent Helpful Books on Your Rights and the Law

[Posted Aug 23, 2008]

Recent helpful books on Your Rights and the Law which may be available at the public library include:

These books by Margaret C. Jasper are written part of the Oceana's Legal Almanac Series. Law for the Layperson. These books are also available at Amazon.com

Available Reports and Publications

[Posted May 23, 2008]

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) publishes many government reports and publications which are available to the public at the GAO website at http://www.gao.gov .


These and many other reports are located at the U.S. Government Accountability Office website.

At the website you can also search for information on various topics:

A copy of a report can also be ordered by phone or by mail.

InfoSource - UWEX

[Posted April 17, 2008]

If you are interested in gardening, houseplants, etc., InfoSource, a web site of the University of Wisconsin Extension is an easily accessible source of information. Visit this site at: http://infosource.uwex.edu/ . There are a number of categories to from which to choose.. Click on Garden & Landscape and scroll down to your area of interest. For Example: Under "houseplants" you can find information on cactus, containers, light, watering, etc.

Identity Theft

[Posted January 09, 2008]

"The Wall Street Journal complete identity theft guidebook: how to protect yourself from the most pervasive crime in America" is a 2007 book. It is written by Terri Cullen.

The book includes information on:

The book may be available at your public library.

Disabled Rights

[Posted September 19, 2007]

"Disabled Rights: American Disability Policy and the Fight for Equality" is a 2003 book written by Jacqueline V. Switzer. The book covers a wide variety of topics.

For example, one of the chapters, "Status Report on Equality" includes:

This book may be available at your public library.

Social Security Info at the Library

[Posted August 22, 2007]

Libraries can be a source of information on Social Security Disability Benefits.

For example:

Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability: Getting & Keeping Your Benefits. (2006) --David A. Morton. The book covers a lot of information--from applying for disability benefits to appealing a denial of benefits. It also contains a "Glossary of Bureaucratic Terms."

Wisconsin State Legislature Home Page

[Posted July 30, 2007]

The Wisconsin State Legislature Home Page contains information such as:

Home page: http://www.legis.state.wi.us

Spotlight: http://www.legis.state.wi.us/spotlight/index.htm

Medicaid Overview

[Posted June 29, 2007]

Information on Medicaid can be found at: http://www.cms.hhs.gov/MedicaidEligibility/01_overview.asp

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

[Posted June 19, 2007 ]

Are you looking for information on Government programs?

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) "identifies and describes specific government opportunities..." "Programs in the Catalog provide a wide range of benefits and services, which have been grouped into 20 basic functional categories, and 176 subcategories that identify specific areas of interest."

These categories include:

To view the catalog go to:

The page that comes up has two columns. The first column, "browse the catalog," gives 10 ways to browse.

For example:

Selecting, "By Agency," lists the agencies in alphabetical order. There will be a number in parenthesis after each agency name. The number tells how many programs from that agency are listed in the catalog.

For example: Department of Education (146 programs)

Inter Library Loan

[Posted June 14, 2007]

If your local library system does not own a book you are looking for, they may have inter library loan service through which your library may be able to get the book from another library system. Through inter library loan, your library can request a book from other public library systems, university libraries, medical college libraries, etc. Be aware that not all states may have this service. Inquire at your local library to check if it is available.

In Wisconsin you can access WISCAT to find out which library owns the book you are looking for.
Ask your local library to request the book and they will notify you when they receive it.

Depending on the availability of the item it may take awhile to get it.

Example: In Wisconsin to locate libraries that own the book, access Wiscat through the Milwaukee Public Library Home Page:

Local Library Online Access To Magazines and Newspapers

[Posted June 14, 2007]

Some local libraries - not all - provide on-line access to magazines and newspapers. Some offer full text, others do not. Some will allow remote access only to local card holders. Libraries may have different ways of accessing this information.

For example:

For further information contact your local public library.

Local Library Online Catalog

[Posted June 14, 2007]

From your home you can:

You can search by:

You can also renew books online if there are not any holds on them.

Call your local library for further information.

For more on the topic of Libraries:

Libraries for People with Disabilities / Guides

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