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Adapting Motor Vehicles for People with Disabilities

The guide, written by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), is centered around a proven process ó evaluating your needs, selecting the right vehicle, choosing a qualified dealer to modify your vehicle, being trained, and maintaining your vehicle. The guide also discusses cost saving opportunities. This guide is available on the DOT website.

New sign Autism and Driving: Everything You Need to Know

Updated May 20, 2018 by Educated Driver. This guide explores driving with autism and can serve as a resource for individuals with ASD and parents of autistic teens. Some autistic drivers have no difficulty with life behind the wheel, while for others driving can be a huge challenge. The safety of driving with autism is highly dependent on the individualís symptoms and overall level of functioning. This article lists some of the symptoms that may create challenges for the person with autism. Before an autistic teen applies for a driving permit, itís wise to make an appointment with the teenís family doctor to discuss concerns relevant to driving, such as attention issues. Families may also wish to work with an occupational therapist with a driving focus, or a driving instructor experienced in working with special needs individuals. The guide contains useful information on the following:

Barrier-Free Travel: A Nuts & Bolts Guide for Wheelers & Slow Walkers, 3rd Edition

by Candy Harrington, published 2009. This book includes worldwide resources, travel tips, and updated information about accessible travel options. Also included, are extensive chapters on cruises and accessible shore excursions- with contact information for foreign tour operators who are able to provide them. This book is for wheelchair or scooter-users, slow walkers, travel agents, CILs and libraries. Available through Demos Medical Publishing for $19.95.

New sign Driving Tips for People with Physical Disabilities This is an article from the News Wheel.com to prepare you for safe trips.
New sign Hand Controls Keep You on the Go

This article from the Muscular Dystrophy Association explores and reviews the adaptive equipment for hand controls for adaptive driving, including costs of equipment, assessment and training.

New sign Taking the Wheel - Drivng with Disabilities

by Holly Olmsted-Hickey, One Place for Special Needs.
For many, obtaining a driver's license is a right of passage to independence. Learn how to successfully navigate this passage and determine the rules of the roadway in the world of special needs.
If you have special needs, a driver rehabilitation program may be a necessary intervention when learning to drive a vehicle. Drivers are often referred to a driver rehabilitation program by physicians, eye doctors, occupational therapists, driving schools, parents, high schools and state-sponsored vocational programs. Referrals are usually made due to a significant break in the driving routine; a need of further evaluation due to injury or illness; or a need for additional training before acquiring a license.


A Guide for Persons with Disabilities: Taking Charge of the Air Travel Experience

This Guide, prepared by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), is designed to help travelers with disabilities plan and prepare their trip by air within Canada. The guide touches on all considerations one needs to take from preparing for the trip to arriving and departing the airport.

Accessible Transportation Complaints: A resource tool for persons with disabilities

This guide, written by the Canadian Transportation Agency, contains general information and summaries of provisions of the Canada Transportation Act and the Canadian Transportation Agency General Rules and describes ways in which you can make a transportation complaint to the Agency. It also offers some suggestions which may be helpful if you encounter an obstacle when traveling in Canada.

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