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Recreation and Sports including Gardening and Travel


BuildingYour Own Home Garden

The article is by Alan Bernau, Jr. on Alans Factory Outlet.com. Although this guide is not just for those with accessibility challenges, this has a comprehensive listing of how to plant a home garden, Planting Trees, Plants, Vegetables, Flowers,Yard and Garden, Garden Care, Gardening Resources and a section on Kids Can Help. When viewing these articles we came across the Special Garden Gifts and Tools listed below.

Creating an Enabled Garden

This article by Anna May Kinney which gives practical advice and tips on how to create an accessible, therapeutic gardening experience for people with disabilities is published on the Nature's way web site.

Gardening For People With Disabilities

This guide from FoodShare, which operates several innovative grassroots projects that promote healthy eating, teach food preparation and cultivation, develop community capacity and create non-market-based forms of food distribution. Learn how to build paths that accommodate wheelchairs and walkers of different sizes making them a minimum of 30 inches wide. For a comfortable turning radius, allow interspersed wide spaces of approximately 5 feet. Grades should not exceed five percent, preferably less. The guide offers newsletters, a resource library, publications, workshops and tools.

New Sign Gifts of Special Garden Tools

By Margaret Page Culver, Master Gardener, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, Denver County. Special tools to help the challenged gardener, gift suggestions for avid gardeners who may believe they can no longer enjoy the joys of gardening because of physical impairments caused by aging, accidents or disease. Many tools are readily available locally and by mail order, sources are listed.

New Sign Special Garden Tools Help the Physically Challenged

By Margaret Page Culver, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, Master Gardener, Denver County Ergonomic tools can make gardening easier.

Home and Garden Resources for Master Gardeners by Coupons by Answers.com

This is a comprehensive guide with a list of great resources on various gardening topics for the master gardener, but easily for the novice gardener too! These are general gardening tips (not necessarily on accessible gardening), but cover a wide range of good topics from pest control, planning your vegetable or flower garden, planting, harvesting and garden composting. Check out these resources before you begin your garden!

Tips for Gardeners who use Wheelchairs

This guide is from the University of Missouri Extension Center or the University of Missouri AgrAbility Project. Contact the Project at 1(800)995-8503. The guide offers Grip Tips, Reach Tips and more tips. They have a website and books, along with booklets.

Wheelchair Gardening Tips

By Eartheasy, Solutions for Sustainable Living, offers this guide on accessible gardening including choosing the ideal height and width for raised beds, how to situate the planter for maximum access, tips on supplies, storing garden tools, and low maintenance techniques.


Guides of Accessibility Guidelines for Recreation Facilities

These guides, written by the Access Board, offer information on access to various types of recreation facilities covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The guides cover access to amusement rides, boating facilities, fishing piers and platforms, golf courses, miniature golf courses, sports facilities, and swimming pools, wading pools, and spas. They are based on guidelines the Board issued last year as a supplement to its ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). The new guides are designed to help users become familiar with the guidelines, including the meaning and intent of specific provisions. Single copies are available free from the Board and can be ordered at (800) 872-2253 (voice), (800) 993-2822 (TTY), or pubs@access-board.gov.

New Sign Outdoor Developed Areas The new provisions address access to trails, picnic and camping areas, viewing areas, beach access routes and other components of outdoor developed areas on federal sites when newly built or altered. They also provide exceptions for situations where terrain and other factors make compliance impracticable.


Accessible Travel in Scandinavia

Scandinavia offers accessible travel and handicap/disability amenities like no other travel destination. For example, Scandinavia leads the world regarding places accessible by wheelchair. Check out this article by Terri Mapes on About.com covering Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Emerging Horizons Accessible Travel News

This guide offers information on various locations, travel tips, travel resources and more. They have regular columns, featured destinations and a traveler's database.

Good Access Guide is the online guide to life, leisure and mobility in the United Kingdom. The UK's leading directory of services for disabled people, seniors, and anyone whose life is made easier by better access to goods, services and amenities. This directory includes accommodations such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, and restaurants, cinema and other leisure venues.

New Sign Living with Diabetes: A Traveler's Guide from Rootfin.com, an independent life insurance agency that finds competitive rates. This guide provides useful information on everything from how to breeze through airport security to life insurance considerations, including "Planning and Packing" and tips not just for air travel, but daily commuting, extended road trips and vacations for the traveler with special considerations needed for Diabetes.

Open Britain is a one stop shop for accessible tourism in the UK providing you with a simple way to find accessible destinations and places to stay. This allows you to create the perfect holiday for you, tailored specifically to your access requirements, whether this means wheelchair access or just having good lighting.

Survival Strategies for Going Abroad, A Guide for People with Disabilities

This book is offered by Mobility International, USA for persons with disabilities traveling abroad. The cost of this guide is $16.95 plus shipping and handling.

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