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New Horizons Un-Limited Publications

How to Donate or Provide Disaster Relief Assistance for People with Disabilities
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This guide, written by New Horizons Un-Limited staff, provides information on how to assist in an emergency or disaster concerning people with disabilities, including providing assistance through disaster relief organizations serving people with disabilities, safe ways to give, tax exemtion on giving and tips on giving for national or international disaster relief.

Guide on Volunteering in your Community or on the Internet
Published by New Horizons Un-Limited, April 30, 2006

This guide, written by New Horizons Un-Limited volunteers and staff, provides information on the benefits of volunteering and offers ways to find volunteer opportunities in your own community or on the Internet for people with disabilities.

Guide on Using Internet Discussion and Message Boards or Forums
Published by New Horizons Un-Limited, April 30, 2006

This guide, written by New Horizons Un-Limited volunteers and staff, gives instructions, ideas, and safety tips on using Internet Discussion and Message Boards or Forums. We encourage to use these Internet tools to access the Internet Community of people with disabilities and the issues we face.

Links to Publications by Others

Including People with DISABILITIES in Faith Communities
A guide for service providers, families, and congregations.
By Erik Carter
{Published by Lash & Associates Publishing, 2007}

"A congregational community is an ideal place to share and strengthen faith, form lasting relationships, and develop special gifts and talents. But too often, people with developmental and other disabilities lack the opportunities and supports to fully participate in the life of their faith community. That’s why families and service providers need to read this groundbreaking guidebook—and share a copy with congregations that want to become places of welcome and belonging for people with disabilities."

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