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Arts and Culture

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Writing Guide
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This guide was written by the staff of New Horizons Un-Limited to assist people with disabilities in developing their skills in the literary arts. Information on writing short essays, copyrighting your work, and resources on writing courses, careers and publishing your work are included in this guide.

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Links to Publications by Others

New Sign Accredited Schools Online offers the following links for Careers in Art, Art Degrees, finding post secondary Art Schools, and Scholarships. They also offer a Higher Education for Students with Disabilities.

New Sign Complete Guide to Art Schools a comprehensive resource.

New Sign Funding Your Art Degree includes scholarships broken down by education level, specialization (such as Fashion Design, Art Historian, Graphic Design, and others), as well as scholarships just for women and minority students.

New Sign Careers in Art Working as an Artist in the New Millennium focuses on different career paths available to artists, salary and employment growth statistics, and the attributes and skills to being an artist:

New Sign A Guide to Practical Art Degrees: Combining the Artist's Life with a Viable Career illustrates different industries and careers available with and emphasis on being marketable.

Promoting and Advertising Your Accessibility

This guide by the National Arts and Disability Center (NADC) offers a comprehensive list of ways to invite and include people with disabilities to your facility and programs through your outreach, public information and marketing activities. More important this guide recognizes that public relations strategy must be targeted to people with disabilities on every level of planning, including ensuring staff, advisory boards and volunteers are aware of all access services. This guide includes a checklist for your use.

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