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Have not seen a dentist in years -Is there a free dental service?


NHU Community Friend:
 I have not seen a dentist for several years because I cannot afford dental care. 
Is there any program that offers dental service for free?

Visit our NHU Resource page on Donated Dental Services throughout the United States.

For three national programs, visit this article at
 What are some tips for getting charity dental work?

NHU Community Friend:
Gardetto Family Community Dental Clinic for Adults with cognitive and physical disabilities opens at St. Ann Centre for Intergenerational Care - Bucyrus Campus at 2450 W. North Avenue, Milwaukee, WIsconsin.  For people with Parkinson's, or Cerebral Palsy getting dental care requires some form of sedation or assistance to hold his or her head steady. 

This clinic is funded through the Gardetto Family, WDHS, Delta Dental and Ziemann Foundation.  For more information call (414) 210-2440 or email


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