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NHU Community Friend:
As a person with a disability, do you have a personal web page that you would like to share with the NHU community?  If you do, enter your personal web page here and write a small introduction about yourself.  This collection is from individuals who are sharing their stories so that others who have disabilities and their caregivers may find out more about each other and help feel less isolation.    :)

NHU Community Friend:
Cerebral Palsy Guidance
Alex has sent us a link to his website,
a comprehensive informational website on Cerebral Palsy (CP) with a mission of providing quality cerebral palsy
information and assistance to families in need. This site provides information on Cerebral Palsy symptoms and
treatments to financial assistance including daily living articles, covering all aspects of cerebral palsy and all of
the information is thoroughly researched and cited. Their writing staff includes, Alex, who is a Miami-based freelance writer who has had cerebral palsy since he was an infant. He regularly shares his candid insight about living with cerebral palsy.

NHU Community Friend:
Are you interested in Home Schooling your child with Special Needs?
This website is by a stay-at home parent with 4 beautiful children who shares some insights on home schooling children with special needs.  Visit


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