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Home Energy Assistance


NHU Community Friend:

Many states have home energy assistance programs for people of low income.  Check with your local energy provider to see what assistance is available to you.  For more information see our NHU page

Here are some energy assistance programs from California:

California Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

   Weatherization Program – free weatherization services to reduce energy consumption in homes through the replacemnt of inefficient refrigerators, electric water heaters, microwaves and lighting.  Additional weatherization services can include attic insulation, weather –stripping minor housing repairs and related energy conservation measures.

The Cash Assistanc Payment Program (CAP) provided financial assistance to eligible households to offset the costs of heating and/or cooling dwellings.
Call 1 (866)675-6623.

 Lifeline saves $5.25 per month and up to $10.00 per month on their telephone bills  $3.50 per month in matching support from their state.  Contact your phone company for more information.   :) :)


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