Author Topic: May 2014 - Making mistakes are often the stepping stones to invention  (Read 2369 times)

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 "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." - -
Albert Einstein, scientist, who did not speak until the age of three and teachers labeled him mentally slow:

"My learning disabilities pushed me to discover talents that I wasn't aware of having.  It has also led me to develop products to help others who struggled through school as I did."  - - Reyn Geyer, inventor of Nerf balls and Twister, a person with dyslexia.

Don't allow mistakes to make you fearful to try again or paralyze your future.

Use mistakes in life to learn, change, adapt and build toward your goals.

You may never be an Einstein or a Geyer but our minds have a great capacity to learn and adapt.  Constant effort on our parts does change outcomes.
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