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Why doesn't the world care?


NHU Community Friend:
Why doesn't the world care? This  personal experience offers insight into the frustration people face with the challenge of chronic health problems and disability from work and not being able to obtain the services they need to help.  Unfortunately, when people who can no longer work are denied benefits, where can they turn for help?   Amelia describes her  life with chronic debilitating illness and disability and her frustration of being denied assistance by Medicaid. People face misunderstanding and  discrimination when their disability is invisible. Thank you to Amelia for sharing her experience for the benefit of all of us.
July 15, 2013

NHU Community Friend:
We certainly can understand your frustration and your reason for contacting us today.
Your story unfortunately is  true for many Americans living with disability and who like you desperately need help. 

 It is a combination of work history and disability that prevents substantial gainful activity included in the testing process of disability determination.

Gather current detailed records of  your illnesses, disability, inability to work, records of work restrictions and doctors' verification of physical or mental disability from your medical providers for the last 12 months or longer if applicable. 

Were you employed  prior to your disability?

Contact the National Disability Rights Network by going to their website and finding the agency in your state through their interactive map of the U.S.  The National Disability Rights network is the largest provider of legally based advocacy services to people with disabilities in the United States.  They should be able to shed some insight into why you are being denied, how to assist you in presenting your disabilities, your employment record and your proving your proof of your inability to work. 


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