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MS Service Day!
« on: April 08, 2013, 10:53:38 AM »
Want to help individuals with MS?

MS Chapters across the U.S. organize what is called an MS Service Day.  These usually are planned in the spring to assist individuals with MS to fix or do light jobs around the house or the yard to recover from winter months and get organized for spring. 

Individuals with MS send their request, such as raking leaves, fixing a door,  to the chapter and then volunteers sign up to help.  This is all about getting involve with the community. 

Suggest this idea to your local chapter.

Not sure how you could get volunteers
Most high school juniors and seniors are required to have so many  hours of comminity service in order to graduate. Many students have no clue as to where they can accomplish this task and more often than not, they wait until the last minute.  Contact your local high school.

Boy Scout troops have service days and require community service for their Eagle projects.
Contact scout troops in your community.

Generally the local church is an avenue but sometimes it cannot offer a wide enough variety of jobs. If the goal is to get young people to understand disabilities, be more compassionate toward others who have less and educate about MS, the MS Service Day would be a positive outlet.
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