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NHU Community Friend:
Review a Resource provides a place for you to share a favorite rsource with others from the NHU community.  Please understand that there  are many individuals that may be experiencing similar circumstances as you.  Each of you may know  of a resource that may help others work out solutions to their problems and questions.   Entries will be reviewed and will be asked to be added to our Community and Internet Resources sections of our website.   :)

I belong to another online support group with forums.  It is for people with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, which which we cal AMC for short.  AMC is a relatively common birth defect occuring 1 in 3000 births.  Babies are affected in many ways but it is distinguished by contracted joints and abscense of muscle.  It affects joints in a variety of ways i.e. club feet, dislocated hips, clubbed hands, internally rotated shoulders, knees in flexion or knees in extension, vertical talis, scoliosis, micronagthia, fixed elbows, clenched hands.  We have many discussions about how each one of these deformities can be treated.   I hope anyone with arthrogryposis will check out or 


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