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« on: December 07, 2010, 12:20:58 PM »
 :-\ The holiday season is here, along with the cold weather.  Thankfully I have made it through Thanksgiving, 2 more of the run on holidays left to endure. 
I understand why it is called the holiday season, because it lasts just as long as a season does, literally.  I do know that we are to celebrate and be merry during this time of year.  However it can seem so overwhelming at times.
There are so many things to accomplish during this time of year.  Then to add the cold, brutal weather, it is more of a hassle.  I know I am complaining about getting things prepared for the holiday, but that pertains to meals and just going through the motion of the season. 
I am not in a financial position to provide my family with the luxury of gifts, and I do know there are some people who do not have a family to at least share a meal with during the holidays.  So as I think of my financial instability, I think of the countless others who are even less fortunate than I.
I have written to this blog more than once just to express some of my own circumstances but have not been able to begin an actual discussion.  I think a discussion is good, but right now I am thankful that I have somewhere to share my thoughts other than on facebook.
Miss G