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Kohler-Andrae State Park Accepting Accessible Cabin Reservations Jan 10, 2011


Kohler-Andrae State Park will accept Accessible Cabin reservations on January 10, 2011.  This wheelchair accessible cabin is one of six currently available in the Wisconsin State Park System.  The cabins are available for use exclusively by people whose physical disability makes use of traditional camping facilities very difficult or unlikely.

In addition to this Kohler-Andrae cabin, accessible modern cabins are also available at Mirror Lake, Buckhorn, High Cliff, and Potowatami state parks and Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern Unit.  Rustic accessible cabins are available at Copper Falls and Blue Mound state park.

The rental fee is $30.00 per night plus a $4.00 reservation fee.  The cabins are available from May 1 to October 15. Because of high demand, reservations are limited to 4 nights per year, per location.  Reservation applications (DNR form 2500-085) and details about the cabins can be obtained at DNR or by contacting the park office (920) 451-4080.

Reservations will be processed as follows: January 10 to January 31, applications from persons with a permanent, severe physical disability, who require a wheelchair as sole means of mobility and require assistance with personal care needs, will be confirmed.  Starting February 1, applications from persons with a physical disability who require a wheelchair as sole means of mobility and require minimal assistance with personal care needs will be accepted.  After applications have been processed for the first two categories, applications from persons who require a wheelchair as a means of mobility or who use adaptive equipment for mobility reasons or who have other disabilities will be processed.  --
Submitted by James Buchholz, Natural Resources Property Supervisor.   ;) ;)


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